Spring Recipes

Spring is coming, and while winter is great for warm heavy meals, the light zesty flavors of spring are equally as satisfying. I know spring might seem far off with the up and down temperatures, but it’s slowly starting to get warmer. I promise! Just like how we need to revamp our wardrobes every spring, the same goes for what we’re eating! Add some delicious spring meals to your weekly meal plan. These recipes are easy to make and tasty! Make these meals for yourself, or show them off at a dinner party. 

Lemony Spring Pasta Salad with Vegetables & Herbs

This vegan spring salad is the perfect light meal for a weekend get-together. It has the perfect mix of zest and tang, with a hint of sweet maple. This salad is loaded with chickpeas, pasta, fresh veggies, and is finished off with a lemony dressing. 

Swedish Pancakes

These light and delectable crepes will fix your sweet tooth craving. They’re the perfect amount of sweet that won’t overload your taste buds. The lemon curd filling makes these crepes a hundred times tastier. These are perfect for a light breakfast any day of the week! 


Brunch isn’t complete without this vegetable frittata. Highlight some fresh spring veggies in this delicious dish. Adding feta gives it the zesty tang kick we’ve all been craving. This meal is perfect for any crowd. 

Jerk Chicken Bowls With Mango Salsa And Coconut Rice


Get ready for some incredible flavor. This jerk chicken bowl with mango salsa and coconut rice will wake up your taste buds from their winter hibernation. The sweet coconut element and fresh mango salsa compliments the smoky jerk seasoning. This dish is easy to make for any night of the week and will leave you feeling like you’re on a tropical getaway.



Who said soup was only a winter meal? Whoever did obviously has never tasted this delicious lemon orzo chickpea soup. This soup is the perfect level of creaminess to give you those cozy feelings, but light enough that you won’t feel bogged down and tired after eating. The collection of herbs in this soup will make you go back for seconds. Maybe even thirds!

Botanical Shortbread Cookies


We’re leaving boring shortbread in 2021. This season we’re going for delicious and pretty. This botanical shortbread is so gorgeous that you won’t even want to eat them. These cookies are simple to whip up on a whim and will impress any guests you have over.