Sarah Alexandra Girl Grey Signature Shirt


This timeless beauty captures the spirit of dramatic beachside seascapes in the off season. Tailored from rich cotton & cashmere with a subtle twill texture, it’s deep, moody and mysterious as the winter sea and sky. Sarah’s inspiring play on classic grey is a pitch perfect neutral that ignites the power of your favorite denim, and easily vamps up a wool skirt. Turn the glam factor of your favorite leather pants up to 11 — you’ll be the center of attention without saying a word.

85% Italian Cotton/15% Cashmere


The Signature Shirt is fashioned with an innovative and fully shapeable one-piece collar for dramatic styling. Pop it high, create an alluring angle, or lay it flat—just follow your mood. The concealed front placket hides ingenious fish-eye buttons for a seamless appearance. Chamfer cuffs add extra elegance.

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