In the Spirit of Capri


Capri is one of the world’s most fabled destinations and also one of the most ancient. The charm of this legendary island that has been adored by literary icons, celebrities and the jet set is brought into focus in the new book, In The Spirit of Capri, a rich and colorful tribute by Pamela Fiori.Fiori shares all aspects of Capri with resonating text and evocative images. Through her eyes, readers will experience a place that is genuinely Italian: from its limoncello -- the local digestivo -- to its eponymous Capri pants, and from the bright turquoise and coral jewelry to the bejeweled sandals crafted by local artisans and made famous by its glamorous denizens. Jutting proudly out of the Mediterranean Sea, it is a miracle of nature with its bright flowers, graceful gardens, dramatic promontories and mysterious caves.Capri is the world’s most ancient resort and a true pleasure island. In The Spirit of Capri is an insider’s view of this beloved travel destination.

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