Nell Holiday Gift Guide - Under 21

What happened to the requisite awkward teenage years we all had to endure? You know, the clothes that didn't fit quite right, the blue eye shadow, elastic bands on braces color coordinated for each major holiday, piecey bangs, and platform Sketcher sneakers. It was a right of passage, then BOOM you got your braces off the day before prom and attempted to destroy all evidence of the past few unfortunate years so your parents couldn't play show and tell with your future fiancé, god willing, ten years down the road. Today's youth will never know this struggle. They literally go straight from not being able to dress themselves to having their own fashion blog. Maybe it's something in the dairy-free milk alternatives we're feeding them, but the under 21 set has some serious style these days. We can't pretend to understand VSCO or TikTok, but when it comes to outfitting your teen in stylish finds, we've got this on lock. 
She'll love taking a walk on the wild side in this cozy cashmere sweater.
Bundling up has never been so cool with these leather quilted mittens.
These rainbow rhinestone hoops give any outfit a pop of fun.
    This pearl embellished pom pom hat is anything but ordinary. 
This super soft cashmere sweater will remind her of happy memories on her favorite island no matter where she is!
This super cute mini tote is perfect for concerts and sports events.
She can still keep warm with these lux ear muffs without crushing her meticulously  styled hair. 
These fun tassel earrings  are so light but pack a lot of style!
Your budding fashionista will love pouring through the glossy pages of stunning  photography in this history of American fashion.
Teenagers and their water bottles! We gotta hand it to them, their generation is definitely the well hydrated one (so they'll probably grow up to have less wrinkles than us!) and we love how environmentally conscious they are.
beaded initial wristlet to safely stow all her necessities (read: scrunchies and metal straws).

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