Nell Holiday Gift Guide - Frequent Flyer

We've all got that someone in our lives whose entire social media feed looks like one never-ending vacation. Whether it be for work (can we have their job?!) or just for the love of travel, they forever seem to be checking in from the departures terminal, boarding pass and pre-flight drink in hand. Although it may be difficult to pin down where in the world they are at any given time, that doesn't mean finding the perfect gift for them needs to be!  

You may not be able to buy them a drink in flight, but here's the next best thing! The Carry-On Cocktail Kit contains everything they need to make their favorite cocktail - just add a nip! (Pro tip - since "airplane bottles" are under 3oz you can actually bring your own through security and save the expense of buying them on the plane!)

Does it make us old that we remember when every airline gave complimentary sleeping masks? Those days may be over, but in-flight luxury and comfort doesn't need to be! This cashmere travel set includes slippers, a sleeping mask, and an inflatable neck rest to make any seat feel like first class!

A fitting addition to any jet-setter's charm bracelet or necklace - Looks great on a long chain on its own or layered with their other favorite charms!


These metallic gold embossed luggage tags will be a godsend in the sea of black wheelie bags at baggage claim!

This toiletry roll is a traveler's best friend! With an over-the-door hook and four see-through cases for toiletries, medications, and cosmetics, all of their essentials will be at their fingertips!

Have wanderlust, will travel! These 14K plated and sterling silver pieces make a simple and elegant statement and look great alone or stacked with pieces collected from around the globe!

This tasseled travel wrap is perfect for cozying up with on the plane, but also looks smart over a button down for those who head straight from the tarmac to the town without missing a beat.

Chic Stays takes the reader on a tour of the world’s most beautiful hotels as described by renowned actors, writers, musicians, and models. What could be better than planning their next epic escape from the comfort of their own armchair?


This polished makeup bag will keep her go-to cosmetics safe and contained on her own vanity or on the go. No more throwing broken compacts in the drawer or basket! (hey, we're guilty of it too!)

This oh-so-organized jewelry case contains multiple padded pouches to prevent baubles from scratching and tangling on their trip. Ever try to detangle half a dozen chain necklaces? We have, and trust us, this case is worth every penny. 


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