Nell Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts For the Hospitable Hostess

With countless events on our calendars and reunions aplenty the season of giving although wonderful can be tricky to navigate at times. So often during this season we find ourselves a guest in someone else's home; whether it be for full-blown Thanksgiving dinner or a casual Christmas cocktail, it can be difficult to know when and if a gift is appropriate. Our friends over at Town & Country put together this handy guide on gift-giving etiquette which we will definitely be using as our bible this gifting season.  To give you the spark notes version - never show up empty handed as a guest. No matter the size of the token, store-bought or homemade, the gesture of gratitude won't go unappreciated in this often stressful season. Whether you're a party guest or going home for the holidays with your significant other, these "hostess with the mostest" picks are sure to make you the "guest with the best" gift!

These whale salad servers are milled on Chappaquiddick from Martha's Vineyard wood, giving fallen trees a second life. Each pair comes with a card saying the species and town of origin. Gifting idea: Give with a small mason jar of your favorite homemade salad dressing tied with a bow!

Not only do we absolutely love the etched island design and the yummy fragrance, once this candle is burned down you can repurpose the copper container into a succulent planter or Moscow mule mug! (Pro tip, it also works wonderfully for mint juleps!)

If you live in a coastal town you know the struggle of perpetually damp matches (hello, constant humidity! Thank you also for the un-tamable hair!) This corked glass match container not only makes for cute decor but also ensures each match actually lights (the striker is on the label's side too, handy!)

If there are two things we love above all else it's coffee table books and cocktails, so BEHOLD, our ideal gift! Gift with a bottle of their favorite spirit in a cute drawstring gift bag!

This gilded coral hurricane candle holder makes for beautiful bookshelf or table decor and brings a touch of the coast to every season.

The gift that's always in style- a heartfelt, hand-written thank you note!Laundry detergent may not be the most obvious hostess gift, but trust us, this Laundress bottle will be worth its weight in GOLD when they're turning over loads of sheets post holiday visitors!These sweet, ready-to-gift candles not only look great on display but also serve as a handy catch-all in any entryway or on a kitchen counter once they're empty!

These festive matches are the perfect counterpart to any candle gift!

This gold coral fan is perfect as a bookend, table centerpiece, or eye-catching decor on any side table or shelf, but we love it most as an earring holder!

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