Nell Holiday Gift Guide - For the Homebody

You know that friend that explained to you what “Hygge” meant, at GREAT length? The same one that owns multiple robes that she claims somehow serve different purposes? She’s GOT TO BE a Yankee Candle preferred customer based on how many seasonal scents she burns through. She literally requested time off from work for a “Staycation.” Oh, and has she told you yet just how passionate she is about her sleeping mask? She’s a creature of comfort and is unapologetic when she says she can’t wait to go home and take a bath when you ask her if she’s up for an after work drink. She’s a great listener, from the comfort of her own couch of course, but her doors are always open to her friends. You’re on your own with trying to drag her out to that holiday party as your wing-man, but as for finding the perfect gift or her - we’ve got this one covered!
A super cozy blanket is the bread and butter of a Homebody's wish list. 
Matching PJ sets are a MUST for her, and in these luxurious Pima cotton vacation motif ones she's sure to have nothing but sweet dreams.
Cashmere. Lounge. Pants. Her wildest fantasy? Probably. 
This artisanal wood serving board will make even her movie snacks look straight out of Martha Stewart magazine. Which she obviously subscribes to.  
Black musk, cashmeran and textured flannel accords make for a warming, sophisticated scent in a chic mercury glass jar.
Chateau Life explores embracing the traditions of the French Table through an emphasis on the value of setting aside as much time as possible to spend around the table with family and friends. Set a place for us!
Equal parts cozy and sophisticated, this cable knit cashmere duster will be her favorite thing to cuddle up in with a good book, but throw it over a button down and she's (reluctant but) ready to go!
Chic fireplace matches because she LOVES a good fire.  Yes she knows about the Yule Log video on Netflix, and no, it is not an adequate substitution!
These cable knit cashmere and leather socks are perfect for those "just gonna spend all day in bed watching Downton Abbey" type of days.

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