What to Wear: Wedding Guest Edition

Can you hear the church bells ringing in the distance? That's right, wedding season is upon us. That means finding the perfect outfit for the big event is also a top priority. Deciding what to wear to a wedding isn’t always an easy task. While the invitation normally gives some sense of a dress code it's easy to still be lost with an idea of what to wear. Should you get a long dress? Short? More casual or formal? So many questions to assess when choosing the right dress.
To get a better idea of the right attire, let's go through some things to think about when it comes to picking your outfit.

Follow the Dress Code

This is the number one thing to keep in mind. If the invitation says black tie you won’t want to show up in a short sundress. For a more formal wedding, you likely want to opt for a floor-length dress. For a daytime wedding, a short more casual dress will be perfect.

Follow Seasonal Colors

Since your next wedding is likely in the Spring or Summer look for fresh, light, bright color pallets. For Spring try out pastels and for summer dabble with brights.

Keep the Venue in Mind

It’s important to keep in mind where the ceremony and reception are being held. For example, if the ceremony is on the beach or a grass area you won’t want to be wearing stilettos. The same goes for your dress. If you're wearing a short flowy dress for an outside event make sure the wind isn’t going to compromise your look.

Think Outside the Box

Maybe you don't even need a dress. Consider wearing separates like this favorite set from Cara Cara.


Here are some wedding guest dresses that will be appropriate and elegant.
Oh and remember when in doubt just make sure you don’t wear white!