A Guide To Shopping More Sustainably

Shopping for clothes doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure anymore, especially if you're shopping sustainably. Who thought you could help save the planet while also getting this season's latest styles. Sustainable fashion is a new term coined in an era of unethical manufacturing. Many large cooperations aren't doing their parts to keep their environmental footprint small and keep unethical practices hidden from consumers.
In 2022 fast fashion is pas é, this season, and for every season to come, we will be sporting sustainable chic looks. It can be hard to be eco-conscious when it comes to shopping, but we will help you with a few tips to keep in mind during your next shopping spree.

1. See Clothing as a Long Term Investment
When shopping for new pieces think long-term. Will that bright orange 70's print blazer be in style in 3 years? Most likely not. Look for pieces that will be timeless allowing you to wear them for years to come. We don't want to succumb to the low quality, fast fashion, trendy clothing that will likely end up in a landfill the next time you clear out your closet.

2. Resell Clothing
Clothing is an investment, if you're tired of it and it's of good quality why not sell it like you would any other type of investment. This way clothing will get more use out of it rather than ending up in the trash. Hundreds of websites make reselling simple and easy, such as TheRealReal. Or, try a local consignment shop for selling your unwanted items.

3. Research Brands
Research the brands you love to see if they're manufacturing sustainably. Google has all the information you need to get a better understanding of their practices.

4. Shop Local
This tip is great for the environment but also great for your community. By shopping local, you will be supporting small businesses while also not buying from big clothing cooperations. Companies that mass produce clothing are the largest polluters in the fashion industry since they produce such large quantities. Local businesses will be able to tell you exactly where their materials were sources and likely who made the garment.

Keep these tips in mind on your next shopping spree!