2022 Summer Trends

The warm weather is rapidly approaching, meaning it is time to pack away the sweaters and heavy coats and start prepping your summer wardrobe. Whether you are beach bound or plan to have a grand soiree or two, there is likely a summer 2022 trend for all your fun warm- weather plans.


There is nothing new about peekaboo on the runways and cutout culture has once again taken over. From tops to dresses to swim, designers have a long running game of peekaboo going, and we are all in.


It is officially time to end our love affair with micro bags, as this summer season is about practicality. Great news for those of us with endless ‘essentials’ that we have been struggling to stuff inside our teeny bags over the recent years.


With this summer set to continue as a real scorcher now is the perfect time to invest in your strappy shoes and slide repertoire. Whether you are dressing up or running to the store there is always a pair to fit your mood.


Linen is the perfect summer fabric; it has enduring appeal for its lightweight and relaxed attitudes (exactly how we expect summer to go). A trend that repeatedly returns and will never go out of style, we have the perfect pieces to prep you for summer.